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At GAME FANS MERCHANDIZING INC ("GFM") , our mission is to lend our expert insight into online retail technologies and marketing to develop new and growing revenue streams for our IP partners.  

Partnered with the best on-demand manufacturing companies in the world, GFM will provide you new opportunities to engage with your loyal fans and consumers while interfacing with them online in all of the social channels they invest time in.

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Let us build revenue streams for you

GFM works with our IP partners to identify merchandise products, design the assets, launch bespoke sites, manage marketing spends, and handle support and fulfillment. In exchange, we share revenue with our IP partners. We would love to add your IP to our growing partner list. 

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    Ranging from T-Shirts to Jackets, Hoodies to Sweaters. Work apparel, polo shirts, and button ups. Gamers want to support their favorite brands and brag about their experiences.  

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    Hats, Mugs, and More

    From hats to shoeware, holiday ornaments to cell phone covers. Mugs, beer steins, and coctail glasses! GFM offers a range of products that will be attractive to just about any fan base.

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    Canvas and Poster Art

    Provide high quality canvas art as well as posters to your rabid fans. Ranging from 12"x12" to 24"x24".

GFM works with cutting edge American on-demand manufacturers. 

Our partnership with Bespoke Technology from Detroit lets our technology be deployed and fulfilled across hundreds of online storefronts.  

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